General Information

Location: The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion is on the right side of the park back against the front wall.

Date Opened: January 15, 1986 as The Living Seas; remodeled into current form October 2006.

# of Ride Units: 113 clammobiles

Ride Capacity: 2 adults per clammobile with room for a small child

Restraint Method: None

Ticket Rating: D Ticket

Ride Photo: No


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Open and close with the park.

Wait Times: It rarely takes more than 5-10 minutes to reach your clammobile.

Length of Ride: 5 minutes

FastPass: No

Single Rider: No

Queue Description: A lengthy queue themed to be a beach environment gets you from outside the pavilion to the clammobiles for the short ride into the inside area. If you don't wish to wait for the ride, you can enter the pavilion directly through the exit at the rear of the building.

Access Information

Health Restriction: None

Ride Access: There is one special clammobile unit that allows wheelchair boarding via a ramp, it will be necessary to wait for this unit to come around to the loading area. Direct access to the aquarium area is also available through the exit. The second story aquarium viewing area is not wheelchair or ECV accessible, and requires climbing stairs.

Wheelchair Transfer: The wheelchair-accessible clammobile cannot hold ECVs or double-wide wheelchairs. There is a weight limit for the wheelchair clam of 750 pounds, so some larger guests in electric wheelchairs may have to transfer to a normal wheelchair.

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Assistive listening devices from Guest Services.

Weight and Size Issues: Should be none.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: The clammobile ride into the aquarium area is very dark at points. Some children may find the scene with the angler fish (the fish in the dark with the light dangling from its front, from the movie) frightening.

History and Trivia

  • At this location: The Living Sea pavilion was the first use of this space, even though it did not open until 1986.
  • The Attraction's History: The one big change to this area between opening in 1986 as The Living Sea and it's complete retheming to Finding Nemo which began in 2005 was the removal of the short seacab ride used to enter the pavilion. After they were closed down in 2001, the two "hydrolators" which seemed to take you down well below sea level and originally took you to the seacab boarding area now led you off directly into the underwater base. When the attraction was rethemed, the hydrolators were removed, the seacab track was lengthened, scenes were added, some of the windows into the tank were blocked off, and the seacab vehicles were replaced by the new clammobiles.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Sponsors: United Technologies sponsored the attraction from 1986 to 1996 though all indications of the sponsorship were not removed until 1999.
    • Did it move? The hydrolators that used to take you down to the viewing area inside the pavilion didn't actually move. If both sides were open at the same time you could just walk right through. So why have them? Beyond their benefit in setting the mood (many guests didn't entirely believe that they'd never moved), they also prominently displayed the logo of Otis, the elevator manufacturers, and United Technologies is the parent company of Otis.
    • It's Big Until being surpassed by the Georgia Aquarium in 2005, the Living Seas Aquarium was the largest artificial salt water body in the world. It contains more than 5.7 million gallons of water and over 70 species of aquatic life.