General Information

Location: The railroad runs around the perimeter of the park with stations at Main Street near the park entrance, in New Orleans Square, in Fantasyland at the entrance to Toontown, and at the back of Tomorrowland behind Autopia and Innoventions.

Date Opened: 7/17/1955

# of Ride Units: 5 trains available for use.

Ride Capacity: Varies from train to train and the cars they're pulling, but at least a couple hundred each.

Restraint Method: None

Ticket Rating: D Ticket

Ride Photo: No


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park. Depending on wind conditions, may be closed during fireworks shows.

Wait Times: Can vary quite a bit depending on time of day and number of trains running. It is rare to have to wait for more than a third train before getting on board (since people don't have to exit at each station it can not be predicted how many can load for each train).

Length of Ride: Approximately 20 minutes for a round trip.

FastPass: No

Single Rider: No

Queue Description: Each station is made to look like a train station fitting the theme of the land. By far the most elaborate is at the Main Street station where the station house is filled with artifacts and memorabilia showing the Disneyland Railroad's history. Once in line, though, they are all just standard corral queues.

Access Information

Health Restriction: None

Ride Access: The Frontierland (New Orleans Square), Toontown, and Tomorrowland stations are all wheelchair and ECV accessible.

Wheelchair Transfer: Two trains are set up to provide space for wheelchairs and ECVs so it may be necessary to wait for the correct train to come around and then the spaces may be taken. The Frontierland, Toontown, and Tomorrowland stations all have ramps to allow wheelchairs and ECVs to board the trains. The Main Street Station does not; at this station is necessary that you climb up two flights of stairs to the station and then you'll need to walk onto the train. Unless you fold a wheelchair and bring it onto the train that way, it will be necessary to take a round trip to return to a wheelchair left at the Main Street station.

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Recorded audio is played at several points along the trains route around the park. No assistive devices are available.

Weight and Size Issues: Generally should not be a problem, though on some may find the amount of legroom between rows of seats to be lacking.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: Children should not be allowed to move around while the train in motion. The train goes through tunnels between Main Street and Frontierland stations and again between Tomorrowland and Main Street stations with brief moments of near complete darkness. If riding at night there are several unlit portions of the outdoor track.