General Information

Location: The large mountain on the left side of Critter Country; the rest of the land is wrapped around it.

Date Opened: 7/17/1989

# of Ride Units: Somewhere around 50 logs

Ride Capacity: The capacity of the logs has varied quite a bit over the years. After a redesign in 2005, the logs can seat six people, creating a maximum hourly capacity of around 1,500 people per hour.

Restraint Method: None

Ticket Rating: E Ticket

Ride Photo: Yes, purchase at Professor Barnaby Owl's Photographic Art Studio near the ride's exit.


Time Commitment

Open/Close: Opens and closes with the park.

Wait Times: Even during low attendance periods, this is one of the more popular attractions in the park and it should be expected that the standby wait time will be at least 30 minutes and can easily top 60 minutes during busy days. FastPass is strongly recommended.

Length of Ride: 10 minutes.

FastPass: Yes. The FastPass distribution location has changed a couple times in recent years but is currently located next to the Briar Patch hat store.

Single Rider: Single Rider: Yes. Speak to a cast member at the exit to the ride for instructions.

Queue Description: Queue Description: This queue can be disconcertingly long as during peak periods it will extend outdoors and nearly all the way back to Haunted Mansion. This outdoor portion is uncovered and has no shade or real theming, though it does provide an opportunity to watch others take the plunge at the end of the ride. Once the queue goes inside it winds through mostly plain "mountain cave" with the occasional themed Brer Rabbit-related element. The nature of the queue means that you can never see very far ahead of you and tends to make the queue feel longer since progress is difficult to track. The queue also has several staircases and sloping floors.

Access Information

Health Restriction: Health Restriction: There are a couple small drops in the ride as well as the big drop at the end. Riders should be in general good health and free of heart, back, or neck problems that could be exacerbated. Pregnant women should not ride.

Ride Access: Ride Access: Riders requiring special access should proceed to the exit lane, which is located at the far back of Critter Country, past the photo store. The exit lane is narrow with plenty of people heading the other way so be careful. Even the wait at this location can be longer than you'd expect, so patience is needed.

Wheelchair Transfer: Wheelchair Transfer: All riders must be able to transfer into the log ride units which will require stepping over a small gap and down approximately 14 inches below the level of the loading platform. The platform rotates in time with the logs..

Service Animals: No

Audio: Audio: Audio is used to help tell the ride's story and music also plays an important role. Assistive listening devices are available from Guest Services.

Weight and Size Issues: Weight and Size Issues: There are no restraints on this ride to cause issues. The individual seats to limit available space and riders over 340 pounds or unusually tall may experience room issues. There are four four-seat logs available which provide more room. Let a cast member at the loading station know if you'd like one of these logs.

Parenting Information

Height Restriction: 40" (102 cm)

Child Swap: Child Swap: Yes. Ask the Cast Member at the entrance to the Splash Mountain "barn" for a Rider Switch pass. Two people may return through Fast Pass entrance when the rest of your party finishes their ride. When the queue is very long and extends to the Haunted Mansion, the Cast Member with Rider Switch Passes may be standing there.

Other Issues: Other Issues: The ride vehicle has individual seats with no restraints. Consider your children’s temperament and ability to follow safety instructions such as keeping body parts inside the boat and to remain seated before taking them on this attraction. Children who may be frightened by the attraction probably should not ride in this vehicle alone and should wait until they are older. One of the drops is in complete darkness. You may get very wet.

History and Trivia

  • At this location: Most of the 2+ acres occupied by Splash Mountain was backstage area before its construction. The Bear Country bathrooms were on the edge of the site from 1972 through the beginning of construction in 1987. The occupant of the hill that became Splash Mountain was a hibernating bear named Rufus. Beginning with Bear Country in 1972 there was a hill with a cave and a sign that read "Sleeping Bear - Quiet!" You never saw Rufus, but could hear him snoring. He continued with Splash Mountain (and coulde be heard right before the ride's first drop) but was eventually replaced by Brer Bear. Of course, the Disneyland Railroad also traveled through this section of land, but rather than rerouting the train, it was incorporated into the ride; though unseen by those riding Splash Mountain, train passengers between the Frontierland (New Orleans Square) station and the Toontown station get a quick look at the Zip-a-Dee Lady Showboat scene. During construction, the train was blocked and it ran routes back and forth between Main Street and what is now the Toontown station.
  • The Attraction's History: With over 100 animatronics and a whole lot of water, it is difficult to keep everything working at Splash Mountain. Over the year the ride has had several full refurbishments, but any changes have been mostly cosmetic. The ride opened in 1989 using 8-person logs, which were redesigned with five individual seats in 2001. Sometime around 1991, the snoring occupant of the cave before the first drop was changed from Rufus the Bear (who had lived their since 1972) to Brer Bear.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Recycling: Many of the more than 100 animatronics in the ride were recycled from the America Sings attraction in Tomorrowland, which closed in 1988.
    • The Proud Father: The idea for Splash Mountain was the brainstorm of Imagineer Tony Baxter, in 1983.
    • That's a Lot of Water: The rides flume is about one-half mile long, seven feet wide, and three feet deep in most place. About 20,000 gallons of water per minute are pumped through the ride.
    • The Fourth Mountain: The newest mountain in Disneyland's range is 76 feet tall, with a final drop of 52.5 feet.
    • Hypocrisy?: Many have noted the incongruity of Disney making a ride that is based on a movie that Disney refuses to rerelease.
    • 40 Years Later: Nick Stewart returned to provide the voice of Brer Bear for Splash Mountain. He was also the voice of Brer Bear in Song of the South, in 1946.
    • The Songs: Three songs from Song of the South are used in the ride: "Laughing Place," "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah," and "How Do You Do?"
    • Don't Even Bother: The difficulty of seeing others in the ride units combined with the camera at the final drop have inspired many to expose things that shouldn't be exposed. Such photos are filtered out, and will not be available for purchase.