General Information

Location: To the right as you enter Frontierland from Main Street.

Date Opened: July 12, 1957 (as Shooting Gallery).

Capacity: 20 guns. One round costs 50 cents and there is a change machine at either end of the arcade.

# of Shows: Operates continuously during park hours.

Characters: None

Photos and Autographs: No


Time Commitment

Wait Times: You might have to wait a minute or two for a gun to become available.

Length of Show: You can take as long as you want to fire your 20 shots, but generally won't take more than two or three minutes.

FastPass: No

Queue Description: None

Access Information

Health Restriction:

Ride Access: There are ramps at either end of the raised sidewalk fronting the arcade. The two guns at the left end of the arcade are set lower to allow use from many wheelchairs and ECVs.

Wheelchair Transfer:

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: Sound plays in response to hitting some targets, but all targets include a visual queue when it is hit.

Weight and Size Issues:

Time Commitment

Height Restriction: None, though a child will need to be at least 36" to make use of the lower guns without being picked up. Children are not allowed to stand on the railing.

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: There is nothing in the targets that is likely to bother any children. That said, these guns are more realistic than most of the toy guns they may have used previously. It is always a good idea to reinforce certain rules about guns, even in play situations (that they should never be pointed at people, for example).

History and Trivia

  • At this location: Though it didn't open until 1957, this was the first significant use of the space.
  • This Attraction's history: Initially the guns actually shot metal pellets at metal targets, but this was soon changed when the level of maintenance this implied was realized. In 1985 the scene inside the gallery was updated and new light guns were installed. At that time the name was changed to Frontierland Shootin' Exposition from simply Shooting Gallery.
  • Other Trivia:
    • Competition: Though they are long gone, both Main Street and Adventureland have had their own shooting galleries in the pas. Main Street had one from 1955 to 1962 and Adventureland had one, under several names from 1962 to 1982.