General Information

Location: The fourth national pavilion to the right as you enter World Showcase from Future World.

Date Opened: 9/7/1984

# of Rides and Attractions: 2

# of Entertainment and Shows: 1

# of Dining Locations: 3


Rides and Attractions

Entertainment and Shows

  • Gallery of Arts and History— There is a museum exhibit just inside the doors to the left side of the pavilion. As of 2019, the exhibit is "Race Against the Sun: Ancient Technique to Modern Competition." It showcases two modern-day extreme race events that take place in Morocco.

In the Past...

Here you will find a list of selected rides, shows, or restaurants that have been removed fromWorld Showcase - Morocco, never to return.

  • Rides and Attractions

    • Entertainment, Shows and Special Events
      • Mo'Rockin— An interesting blend of Middle Eastern and Western rhythms.
      • Dining

History and Trivia

  • At this location: This piece of World Showcase remained unused until Morocco became the first pavilion to open after Epcot, on September 7, 1984.