General Information

Location: Inside the Golden Horseshoe, opposite the Mark Twain dock.

Date Opened:

Seating: Indoor table seating on two levels.

Service Type: Counter service

Children's Meals: No

Vegetarian Options: Yes

Annual Pass Discount: 15% for Premium; 10% for all other levels

Reservations: No


Menu Information

Menu as of October 2015

The Main Show

Served with sliced apples or fries and one dipping sauce - ranch, honey mustard, barbecue, marinara or Buffalo hot sauce.

Chicken Breast Nuggets - $9.49
Fish & Chips - with tartar sauce $9.99

Supporting Roles

Crispy Chicken Mixed Green Salad - $9.99
Chili Cheese Fries - $4.59
Chili in a Bread Bowl - Topped with cheddar cheese. $10.49

Kid's Meals

Kid's meals included choice of low-fat milk or small Dasani water.  Nesquik chocolate milk, Minute Maid juice and fries available upon request

Chicken Breast Nuggets - with sliced apples and carrots. $6.99
Kid's POWER Pack - with Dannon Danimals yogurt, sliced apples, carrots, petite banana and whole-grain "fish" crackers. $5.99

The Grand Finale

Mint Chocolate Chip Sundae - Two scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream, served in a waffle cup, topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and a cherry. $6.19
Hot Fudge Sundae - Two scoops of vanilla ice cream with two freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, topped with whipped cream, hot fudge, chocolate morsels, and a cherry. $6.49
Strawberry Sundae - Two scoops of vanilla ice cream, served in a waffle cup, topped with strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry. $6.19
Golden Horseshoe Ice Cream Float - Choose Coca-Cola or Barq's Root Beer. $4.99
Chocolate Cake - $5.39

Ice Cream Nachos - $5.99


Soda - Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Barq's Root Beer, Minute Maid Light Lemonade. $3.29/$3.69
Souvenir Sipper - Includes soft drink at time of purchase. $8.99
Coffee - Regular or decaf - $2.99
Hot Tea - $2.99
Travel Mug - Includes coffee or hot tea at time of purchase. $6.99

If a menu is presented here it is for guidance purposes only. Menus can change without notice and at some restaurants daily. If you have specific dietary needs or questions it is best to contact the restaurant directly for information. If you'd like to notify us that a menu has changed, or you can provide the complete information, please let us know through our email form.

History and Trivia

  • This opening day attraction was originally sponsored by Pepsi Co.