General Information

Location: Inside the Golden Horseshoe opposite from the Mark Twain dock.

Date Opened: August 15, 1992 at Golden Horseshoe, though the group began performing with the opening of Critter Country in July 1989.

Capacity: Around 100 per show

# of Shows:

Characters: Billy Hill and his three band mates Billy Hill.

Photos and Autographs: No


Time Commitment

Wait Times: It is frequently possible to find seating even after the show has begun. If you want front seats or to order food to eat during the show you should show up 15 minutes or so before showtime.

Length of Show: 25 minutes

FastPass: No

Queue Description: None, people line up along the sidewalk to the left of the Golden Horseshoe entrance.

Access Information

Health Restriction:

Ride Access: The first floor of the Golden Horseshoe is wheelchair and ECV accessible though tables are so tightly packed it can be difficult to navigate to tables nearer the stage. The upper floor is not accessible and requires climbing a flight of stairs.

Wheelchair Transfer:

Service Animals: Yes

Audio: This is a musical stage show. Assistive listening devices are available from City Hall.

Weight and Size Issues:

Time Commitment

Height Restriction: No

Child Swap: No

Other Issues: None

History and Trivia

  • At this location: The Golden Horseshoe Saloon has been a Frontierland landmark since the park opened in 1955. On opening day it hosted a show called the Golden Horseshoe Revue, a comedy-musical revue that was the longest running stage show ever when it ended in 1986. A new show opened in October 1986 named Golden Horseshoe Jamboree, a similar show with a new script. That show lasted until December 1994. It was then replaced by the Golden Horseshoe Variety Show which ran until December 8, 2003. These last three shows all co-existed with Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. For about seven month, from November 21, 1999, to July 17, 2000, both shows were evicted for performances of The All-New Woody's Roundup show promoting Toy Story 2. Since the Golden Horsehoe Variety Show ended in 2003, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies has been the only residents of the saloon.
  • This attraction's history: Over the years various bits have been added or removed from the show and performers and joined and left the cast (to allow seven-days-per-week performances there are enough performers for two complete casts.